Great Rates and Fast Transit Times

Get FTL shipping from Sandersville, GA or anywhere else in the USA

Having trouble figuring out how to ship 20,000 pounds or more of freight? Full truckload (FTL) shipping services from Ten Four Freight Brokers, LLC are the solution you've been looking for. We're freight movement specialists based out of Sandersville, GA. We can broker FTL shipping for you anywhere in the United States. FTL freight is a great option for shipping large objects or quantities across the country. Reach out to learn more about FTL shipping.

Faster shipping with less risk

With FTL shipping, the same truck typically picks up and drops off your freight instead of multiple trucks transferring your goods. This is beneficial because it:

  • Reduces the risk of damaged or missing goods
  • Leads to a faster delivery time
  • Allows for larger deliveries
  • Give you the current lowest shipping rates
Contact us now to get your free estimate on FTL freight services.